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Image of top half of the Salesforce Tower a bridge and the bay in the background. Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects.
Image of the exterior of the James Bond museum in the Austrian Alps. Obermoser Architects.
Aerial view of the park at night at the salesforce transit center in San Francisco, California. Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects.
Aerial image of the nvidia Building at sunset in Santa Clara, California. Gensler Architects.
Image of a woman walking in front of a wall with light up letters of the alphabet.
Employee working at a table in one of the Big Room Offices located at the Airport in San Francisco, California
Image of the top portion of the Fremont Building in San Francisco, California. Heller Manus Architects.
Aerial image of the Central & Wolfe Campus in Sunnyvale, California. HOK Architects.
Image from the bottom looking up into modern light fixtures hanging down from ceiling. Gensler Architects.
Image of a room with blue lighting and a back lit walk plaque of the instagram logo. Heyhush Architects.
mage of the Exterior of the Mercedes Benz Headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Gensler Architects.
Image of interior of Ouster Office building. Open floor plan with one man working a desk on first floor and two people having a conversation on the second level. Gensler Architects.